Safety in the arctic

Safety manual for Fieldwork in the Arctic has been produced by the faculty of SCIENCE, University of Copenhagen. The manual was created in 2016 and revised in March 2017 by a group of researchers and the Faculty Secretariat, with Morten Rasch as chairperson.

The aim of the manual is to ensure a common and high level of safety in Arctic areas. Among other things, the manual addresses project manager and participant responsibilities regarding security, and any required training/instruction/courses, insurance, equipment. It also covers the safety rules for specific activities such as sailing, scuba diving, snowmobiling, the handling of firearms, etc

All participants going to EastGRIP are required to have read the general section, as well as any relevant appendices - for EastGRIP these pages are:  1-13, 32-38, 48, 55-57.

The 3rd edition of the manual from 2018 will be thoroughly evaluated (for the third time) during Autumn 2019 and subsequently revised again

EastGRIP participants does not have to fill out the registration forms in Appendix V.