The overall scientific planning of the EastGRIP project is the responsibility of the Scientific Steering Committee (SC), and is in practice handled via a number of consortia, which coordinate the scientific activities and make plans for data sharing, publications, etc.

The consortia are:

  • Impurity consortium: chairs Hubertus Fischer (CH), Kumiko Goto-Azuma (JP) and Helle Kjær (DK).
  • Gas consortium: chair Thomas Blunier (DK), co-chair Ed Brook (US).
  • Water isotopes consortium: chair Bo Vinther (DK), co-chair Bruce Vaughn (US).
  • Geophysical consortium: chair Daniela Janssen (DE).
  • Drilling consortium: chairs Steffen Bo Hansen (DK) and Grant Boeckmann (DK).
  • Basal ice consortium: chairs Elizabeth Bagshaw (UK) and Jørgen Peder Steffensen (DK).
  • Borehole logging consortium: chair Frank Wilhelms (DE), co-chair Dorthe Dahl-Jensen (DK).
  • Ice dynamics modelling and remote sensing consortium: chairs Christine Hvidberg (DK), Fabien Gillet-Chaulet (F) and Kerim Nisancioglu (N).
  • Dating consortium: chairs Sune Olander Rasmussen (DK) and Christo Buizert (US).
  • Physical properties consortium: chair Ilka Weikusat (DE) and co-chair Dorthe Dahl-Jensen (DK).

In addition to these consortia, there are three consortia which coordinate the efforts between the more topically focused consortia:

  • Brittle ice / core processing consortium (planning the optimal core handling and processing strategies): chair Bo Vinther (DK), co-chair J.P. Steffensen (DK).
  • Surface program umbrella consortium (coordinating the surface measurement programs for optimal sharing of equipment and traverse activities. co-chairs are having an overview of shallow/firn cores): chairs Hans-Christian Steen-Larsen (N) and chair Helle Kjær (DK), co-chairs Tobias Erhardt (CH) and Iben Koldtoft (DK).
  • CFA umbrella consortium (coordinating the different continuous flow analysis measurements): chair Hubertus Fischer (CH) and co-chairs Thomas Blunier (DK), Bruce Vaughn (US).
  • Basal Ice Action group: Chairs Thomas Kleiner (DE), Elizabeth Bagshaw (UK) and Mike Prior-Jones (UK).

Contact the consortia (co-)chairs above or your national Steering Committee representative to hear about how to get involved in the scientific work.