EastGrip - The East Greenland Ice-core Project – University of Copenhagen

The East Greenland Ice-core Project - EastGRIP - aims to retrieve an ice core by drilling through the Northeast Greenland Ice Stream (NEGIS). Ice streams are responsible for draining a significant fraction of the ice from the Greenland Ice Sheet, and we hope to gain new and fundamental information on ice stream dynamics from the project, thereby improving the understanding of how ice streams will contribute to future sea-level change. The drilled core will also provide a new record of past climatic conditions from the northeastern part of the Greenland Ice Sheet which will be analysed at numerous laboratories worldwide. The project has many international partners and is managed by the Centre for Ice and Climate, Denmark with air support carried out by US ski-equipped Hercules aircraft managed through the US Office of Polar Programs, National Science Foundation.

Visit the new EastGRIP website

Visit the new EastGRIP website where you can read the newest field diary entry, watch movies from camp and much more

New EastGRIP website