During the field season, the field operations office in Kangerlussuaq is manned by 1-3 Field Operations Managers (FOMs).

The field operations office is the main communication link with regard to cargo, field participation, visitors, etc.

EastGRIP field operations office

KISS building, room 208
Phone +299 84 11 51 (please remember that Kangerlussuaq time is UTC-3 when calling from abroad)
Mobile: +299 52 41 25
Mail address:
               Box 12
               DK-3910 Kangerlussuaq

Mail to field participants can be sent to the FOM office and will be forwarded to the camp on the first available plane connection.

EastGRIP camp (open May-August)

Update August 12, 2019:

The satelite disk is now down. Thus there is now internet and IP telephone connection to camp.

Please use one of the following options if you wish to contact the EGRIP camp:

Iridium phone EGRIP: +8816 777 62837

E-mail: will be moved over on open port.

Iridium OpenPort telephone to EGRIP camp:

Primary no.: +8816 7776 2837

Iridium Openport

Secondary no.: +8816 7776 2838 Field leader, handheld satellite phone
Third no.:  +8816 7776 2839  

handheld satellite phone

Please notice that calling these numbers is very expensive - up to 10 $/minute. Read more about the iridium satellite phones in the field plan.

IP telephone connections to the camp and field office

The IP telephone system is closed for the season (August 12, 2019). Please see contact options above.

It is possible to call cheaply to the til EastGRIP camp and to the field office using the following normal-rate phone numbers:

From Danmark (+45) 77 34 74 44
From Japan (+81) 3-4540-0053
From USA (+1) 646-542-1003

Then press the extension:

301 for contact to the field office in Kangerlussuaq
302 for contact to the EastGRIP warehouse in Kangerlussuaq
401 for contact to the field leader's office in the EastGRIP camp
402 for contact to the public phone on the 1st floor of the main dome in camp (common room).

field participants can open their own extension number - please contact the relevant field member directly to organize this.

Questions about scientific participation, samples, or data should be addressed to

The EGRIP Steering Committee
Chairman, professor Dorthe Dahl-Jensen
National representatives

Logistics team:

Web page inquiries: