Formal documents related to the EGRIP project can be found in the menu to the left:

Furthermore, a number of reports and plans related to the preparation of the field season are available, sorted by year:

  • The Field season plan is the final plan for the field work, and contains a description of the objectives of the field season, a list of the participants, and various practical and technical information.
  • The SITREPs are weekly situation reports from the field operations office in Kangerlussuaq on the Greenland West coast and contain a summary of the main activities together with personnel and cargo movements
  • Steering Committee (SC). The SC has one or two annual meetings. The minutes, EGRIP financial report & budget, and other relevant information is distributed via the eastgrip-members mailinglist. You can subscribe to this e-mail by writing a mail to Project Coordinator Iben Koldtoft, containing your name, affiliation and e-mail address. Minutes from the Science Consortia are also distributed via this mailinglist.