Views over Camp

The team arrives to the camp

A view of the camp as the put-in team arrives - the camp has been deserted for the entire winter. Save

The dome

The dome majestically stands surrounded by a circular snow dune. Round structures do not collect as much drifting snow as square buildings Save

The carpenters garage

The carpenters garage after a winter of snowfall and blowing snow - somebody has to do some digging. Save

A nice view

A nice view … the first evening in camp Save

view from camp

About as dark as it gets in camp in late April Save

Halo arround the Dome

A beautiful halo sorrounds the dome. Save

Bulding visible in the snow

Drifting snow is no problem as long as the next building is visible. Save

A view of the Weatherports

A view of the Weatherports during a windy day Save

New people arriving into camp

New people arriving into camp - the LC-130 is parked on the skiway. Save

Surface snow

Pristine surface snow. Save

View over almost everything

There is mostly nothing in most directions Save

Ice cores

A night with wind added nice features to these discarded ice surface ice cores. Save

Tunnel in the ice

A look from where the drill trench meets the tunnel connecting the drill trench with the ice core storage. Save

Excavation ramp

A look down the excavation ramp during an evening with a nice blue sky... Save

View of camp

A view of the dome and the two garages from the edge of the newly excavated science trench. Save

Satellite disc

The communications satellite disc stands alone on its hill - pointing towards a geostationary satellite orbiting the Equator. Save

The cupola

The cupola doubles as a greenhouse. Save