19 August 2018
 Saturday 18th  and Sunday 19th of August 2018


Sverrir and Frederik enjoying the new fridge.

New Fridge

One of our ambitions was to install a second fridge in the kitchen. This would allow the cook to store more food in the kitchen and also arrange the second fridge as the place where all hungry outside the meal times could take some food. The new cooks fridge is a professional fridge with a foot pedal to open and it uses the same plates that go into the oven.
We hope all future cooks at EGRIP will enjoy it. Thanks to Sverrir for using Sunday morning to install it.

What we did today

  1. Continued tests of Mills Cross Radar and 170-230 MHz Radar
  2. Established the overwinter cargo line
  3. Took down the flag line
  4. Moved the drillers cabin out into the trench
  5. Covered the ice core buffer with plastic
  6. Organized food in freezer, freshie shack and kitchen
  7. Took down three weatherports
  8. Installed second fridge in the kitchen
  9. Enjoyed gazpacho, snowlamb, and marengs+icecream igloo. Danced Les Lancier after dinner

Weather: Overcast both Saturday and Sunday. Temperatures between -22 º and -8 º. Wind dropped from 12 kt Saturday morning to 5 kt the rest of the weekend. Wind direction from 270T to 300T.

Camp population: 13


FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th of August 2018

EGRIP Saturday Disco evening.

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