17 August 2018
 Friday 17th of August 2018


Pistenbully making the winterhills.


As preparation for the close down planned for August 23rd, Sverrir is using the PistenBully to form winterhills of snow. We will place the big sledges on these hills before we leave the camp. Today was a rare sunny day and the surface contrast good. We have been waiting for such a day to make the winterhills as it is nearly impossible in overcast weather where the surface contrast is low.

What we did today

  1. Continued tests of Mills Cross Radar and 170-230 MHz Radar
  2. Repaired the Mills Cross Balloon
  3. Remeasured GPS positions of the S1 to S4 shallow core sites
  4. Documented into the database
  5. Made winterhills
  6. Groomed cargo area
  7. Documented content on sledges
  8. Worked on repairing crane on PistenBully

Weather: Morning fog lifting, sun shine all day. Temperatures between -22 ºC and -14 ºC. Wind 8 kt from 240 T.

Camp population: 13


FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

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