14 August 2018

Doctors Tent

One of the weatherports is our Doctor’s Tent. Lise Lotte, our doctor, sleeps there and if you need the doctors help this is where she and the equipment is placed. Nearing the end of the season Lise Lotte is busy counting, documenting and packing all the equipment.

What we did today 

  1. Finished removing snow around the ice core buffer
  2. Generator shift and maintenance of generators
  3. First tests along skiway with Mills Cross Radar
  4. Worked on repairing electrical systems in the new oven
  5. ApRES measurements for AWI
  6. Documenting and cleaning in carpenters garage
  7. Documenting all the doctor’s equipment.

Weather: Overcast all day. Temperatures between -9 º and -6 º. Wind between 8 and 12 kt from 240T turing to 280T during the night.

Camp population: 13


FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

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