9 August 2018
 Thursday 9th of August 2018

Building the two ice pallets.

Mission day

Finally the day of the flight mission had arrived. Sad to leave, eager to come home and anxious to receive a new crew describes the feelings in camp. An early mission had been planned, but it was delayed because of maintenance of the Skiers in Kangerlussuaq. Skier 91 departed Kangerlussuaq at 12:30 local on the team rushed out to take 69 ice core boxes up from the trenches and build them into 2 pallets with the personal bags on top. We were finished 30 minutes before the skier arrived. The mission went really well. THANKS for a great time to the 27 departing EGRIP’ers and WELCOME to the arriving 8 EGRIP’ers. The camp size has now reduced from 32 to 13.

What we did today:

  1. Received Skier 91 (call Skier 41).
  2. Build 2 ice pallets with 69 ice core boxes.
  3. Received 3 pallets with the Mills Cross Radar, spareparts and food.

Ad 2: This was the last transport of ice from EGRIP this year. The main part of the main core and the archive of Physical Property cuts are stored in the trenches for retro in spring 2019.

Weather: A warm day, with overcast clearing in the evening. Temperatures between -8ºC and -2ºC. Wind between 0 and 12 kt shifting from 240T to 290T during the day and turning to 180T in the evening.

Camp population: 13

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

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