EastGRIP International Spring/Summer Seminar Series (EISSSS) 2021

EastGRIP International Spring/Summer Seminar Series (EISSSS) 2021 will be taking place from May to July 2021. As the EastGRIP field season is postponed to 2022, we will have bi-weekly talks about EastGRIP, NEGIS, and Greenland, during the field season period. Like this we can stay in touch and keep up the cross topic inspiration, from which our research thrives. The seminars are organized by Julien Westhoff (NBI, DK) and Iben Koldtoft (NBI, DK).

Please subscribe to the eastgrip-members mailinglist and use following email address if you want to write out to the whole group: eastgrip-members@nbi.ku.dk.

Everybody is welcome to join the seminars. For the social event on April 26th, we are using GatherTown. It is always been open for social chats.
For the scientific talks we are using zoom: https://ucph-ku.zoom.us/j/63612701580.

Please note that the seminar on May 31st will be at 09:00 CEST, which is 15:00 China- and 16:00 Japan time, for convenience of the speakers. The speaker spots were filled quite fast, so if you want to present your work to the community, please send Julien an email and we will find a solution.

The full program can be downloaded here as a pdf file.

The power point presentations will be available for eastgrip members on the partner website (password protected) after the seminars.


Date Speaker Topic
April 26th 17 CEST Everyone

Link to GatherTown: https://gather.town/app/OMMzUMnFFr8hSi70/BeerGarden

Social get together after the vEGU session ‘State of the art ice coring’ or ‘Geophysical and in-situ methods for snow and ice studies’

May 3rd 16-17 CEST Ilka Weikusat et al. S5 core, Physical Properties
Niccolò Maffezzoli et al. Automatic detection of insoluble particles in ice cores via deep learning
May 17th 16-17 CEST Benjamin Keisling et al. GreenDrill Project
Abigale Hughes et al. The role of sublimation as a driver of climate signals in the water isotope content of surface snow: lab and field experimental results
May 31st 9-10 CEST Yuki Komuro et al. Snow pit study EastGRIP
Nan Zhang et al. Multi-arm logger
June 14th 16-17 CEST Olaf Eisen et al. Distribution of horizontal anisotropy around NEGIS
Valerie Morris et al. Isotope anomalies
June 28th 16-17 CEST Mikkel Rasmus Schmidt et al. Bubble detection using sound
Prasad Gogineni, Drew Taylor et al. Overview of radar results from Greenland and Antarctica, and drone radars for future measurements at EGRIP and other locations