4 May 2018
Friday 4th of May 2018

A happy crew at dinner after a successful flight.

Today it happened. Our people came in with re-supply.


The blizzard blew itself out last night. This morning offered good flying conditions, after the ground fog dissipated. Unfortunately, the weather in Kangerlussuaq remained poor so the plane arrived here with reduced cargo. But the flight got done, and we can continue as planned.

The flight happened in the last minute as the American LC-130 return to the U.S. We’ll see them again in two weeks. The German Basler did not make it. The flying conditions out of Station Nord were not good enough.

They will try again tomorrow. We received 10 new EGRIPPERS: Trevor, Thomas, Alexandra, Daniela, Marius, John, Lukas, Ståle, Sune and H.C.

Welcome. The opening phase of camp is soon over and tomorrow we will begin making the science trench and the drill trench ready for ice core drilling and ice core processing.

What we did today:

  1. Received Skier 49.
  2. Ten more people in camp. We are now 19 people.
  3. Fine tuning satellite connection and internet connection improved.
  4. Building weatherport 1.
  5. Unpacking arriving cargo.
  6. Exchanged main water pump. This improved pressure in the water supply.
  7. Groomed skiway, taxiway and apron.
  8. Preparation work in drill trench.


Weather today: In the morning thin overcast with fog and clearing, after 14.00 increasing cloud cover and snow. In the evening clearing. Temp. -19°C to -28°C.  Wind: 3 to 5 kt from E turning to N.

Visibility: In the morning 5 km, late afternoon 500 m and in the evening 5 km.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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