3 May 2018
 Thursday 3rd of May 2018

To the rescue: Bruno, Hans Christian and Basile help an outhouse in dire straits.

Both planes today cancelled due to poor weather conditions (and again!).


The irony of it all! Today, a bit unexpected, weather this morning was peaceful and nice. The plane from Kangerlussuaq was scheduled to depart at 10.30. However, the weather conditions in Kangerlussuaq were suddenly marginal and since the alternate landing site at Raven was closed due to weather, the plane was not able to depart before the weather window at EGRIP closed. Both planes were cancelled. We agreed to build another weatherport; but the forecasted snow storm began early afternoon and we barely managed to get the weatherport covered. At 18.00 everything was white, blowing snow and snow fall reduced visibility to 100m. At dinner time we had to rush to the rescue as one of our outhouse tents suddenly decided to become half airborne. At least in the main dome everybody are warm and cosy, and Sarah made sure we could enjoy our meals.

What we did today:

  1. Activated ceilometer.
  2. Excavated, cleaned and started Flexmobil 1.
  3. Working on satellite connection and camp local network.
  4. Cleaned main dome.
  5. Preparing to receive planes that never came.
  6. Built WP 4 (doctors clinic)
  7. Cleaning heavy sleds for winter snow.

Weather today: In the morning thin overcast and clearing, after 12.00 increasing cloud cover and wind. Afternoon: Snow and blowing snow. Temp.-19°C to -28°C.  Wind: 8 kt from E to 24 kt from N turning NE.

Visibility: In the morning 5 km, late afternoon and evening 100 m (white out).

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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