22 August 2018
 Wednesday 22nd of August 2018

 The tight fit of the Pistenbully in the garage.

Closing camp.

Today the camp seriously closed down. The satellite disc went down to there was no WiFi connection to the outer World, the last snow melter was taken down and the PistenBullies were parked in the garages. It was a long and very busy day and we ended the day with a glass of wine around midnight in candle light.

What we did today

  1. Took down the cooks snow melter
  2. Took down the satellite disc and the cloud ceilometer
  3. Cleaned snow around the dome and made sure the snow packed tight around the Dome
  4. Took down the polar bear radar
  5. Finalized documentation of the cooks freezer
  6. Closed the Drillers, Science, Storage Balloon and the Freezer trenches
  7. Cleaned and documented the Dome
  8. Built pallets

Weather: Overcast with light snowfall most of the day. Temperatures between -26 ºC and -13 ºC. Wind 6-12 kt, direction 240T turning to 300T

Camp population: 0


FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

Wednesday 22nd of August 2018

Sverrir is taking the satellite disc down.

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