28 July 2018
 Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th of July 2018

EGRIP ice bar with Silje, Sarah and Sonja serving an aperitif before the meal.


Finally a Saturday with good weather and low winds. A group from camp decided to make an ice bar and we enjoyed an aperitif at the bar before our Saturday dinner. Line and Peter was our cooks and they had prepared an amazing dinner with yellow tuna fish and salmon. Ice cream and nut cakes for dessert. We had a really good evening and the last dancers met the first wakers… Sunday was slow but we are all fresh, happy and ready for the next week which will be the final drilling and science week for 2018.

What we did today 

  1. Drilling 20.38 m of ice core (runs 752-757) and retrieving 47 kg of slush through filtering.
  2. Logging of main core, depth at 19.00 on Sunday: 1664.04 m.
  3. Processing bag 2890 in the science trench.
  4. Measurements in isotope laboratory to bag 2504.
  5. Measurements in physical properties to bag 2846.
  6. Water vapour sampling and measuring.
  7. Test of AWI radar along snow sampling line.
  8. Cumulus Drone flight over camp.
  9. Checking the new grey cover for the ‘sauna’ garage.
  10. Drilled hand auger core through the new storage balloon garage roof.
  11. Retro cargo overview.
  12. Removed freezer unit for logger cabin on surface and in the logger cabin.
  13. Celebrated Saturday Night with a superb meal of yellow tuna, salmon and ice cream by Line and Peter.
  14. Celebrated Sonja’s birthday Sunday. Happy Birthday.


Ad 1. The whole Sunday was used for filtering runs.
Ad 9. The new grey cover needs to be modified. Both the old and new cover will be returned to Kangerlussuaq/Denmark
Ad 10. The core is right on the side of the trench so it also goes down into the original snow under the trench.

Weather: Overcast Saturday morning, but clearing to blue sky after 15:00L. Temperature between -17 ºC and -7 ºC. Sunday broken clouds all day and temperatures between -12 ºC and -6 ºC. During the weekend the wind turning 360 deg and settling on 270T (W)

Camp population: 32

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

Friday 22nd of June 2018

Sverrir and Frede enjoying an outdoor cigar before the Saturday meal.

Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th of July 2018

Sonja cutting her birthday cake with 21 different tasts in the layer fillings.

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