14 May 2018
AWI radar plane

Several of the flown radar tracks are close to camp. With a strong zoom, we were able to catch the AWI radar plane. You can see the radar antenna between the ski.

Cleaning the borehole.

 In preparation for the actual ice core drilling, the borehole logger was lowered into the hole yesterday. Today, drillers made the first filter run. Lowering the ice chip filter into the hole, removes most of the ice chips from the fluid and makes a “clean” hole. Drillers have tested two electronic motor sections for the drill, and they both are working.

Basile got the task of cutting snow blocks from the floor of the entrance to the ramp tunnel. And he did it so well, that a truck load of snow blocs is now lying on the snow in front of the ramp. Today, the skiway was documented and a report sent to our people in Kangerlussuaq.

This is part of the briefing for the 109th that will arrive to Kangerlussuaq today from the U.S. We have a planned flight the day after tomorrow.


What we did today:

  1. Made longer core extraction table. Slush gutter in inclined trench almost finished.
  2. Made first filter run. Approx. 35 kg chips.
  3. German Basler flew two 3 hour missions today.
  4. Logging ice cores to 855.46 m.
  5. Connected freezer system on surface with cabin below. Some issues to start it.
  6. Excavated tiller and snow blower from cargo line.
  7. Water vapour sampling and measuring.
  8. Surface snow sampling.
  9. Removing snow ramp from inside the opening of ramp tunnel.


Weather: Fine day. Temp. -16 °C to -25 °C.  Wind: 6 kt to 12 kt from SW.

Visibility: Unrestricted.


FL, J.P. Steffensen

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