1 May 2018
 Tuesday 1st of May 2018

A team (Sverrir, Jens Christian and Karl Emil mounting the satellite dish after winter storage in a tent.

Both planes today cancelled due to poor weather conditions

This morning we woke up to -40°C and 8 kt wind. It was cold. Both planes (Basler from Station North and LC-130 from Kangerlussuaq) were scheduled to arrive at EGRIP at lunch time. All morning we had fog, unfortunately, and the forecasts (DMI and EGRIP meteorologist Marc de Kaiser) agreed that weather would close at lunch time. The planes were cancelled. So we went to “plan B”, and did quite a few things to improve camp infrastructure. Now, we’ll see tomorrow if the planes make it. The forecasts are not too optimistic; but one can never know. In this line of work we will have to adopt to the (meteorological) conditions given.

“Uppa” as they say on the Greenland East Cost, which means “maybe or maybe not” as a way to deal with the ever present uncontrollable nature.

What we did today:

  1. Pulled fuel tank into position next to planned parking spot of German Basler.
  2. All weatherports outfitted and heated.
  3. All fresh food moved from main dome to food weatherport.
  4. Satellite dish in place. Satellite signal detected.
  5. Preparing to receive planes that never came.
  6. Taxiway, apron and Basler parking spot groomed.
  7. Work on electrical installations in main dome and in weatherports.
  8. Made fuel inventory.
  9. Made drill fluid inventory.

Ad.4: We should have internet connection in a few days.

Ad. 8: We have more than 1000 liter mogas and 44190 liter of fuel (we have transferred 2200 liter already)

Ad.9: On pallets (fresh and unbroken) in cargo line: 22 drums ESTISOL and 11 drums COASOL.

Weather today: In the morning fog and very cold, later overcast and snow. In the evening clearing.  Temp. -26°C to -40°C.  Wind: 8 kt – to 3 kt from SW turning to ENE. Visibility: 1 km to 5 km.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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