9 July 2017
Sunday 9th of July 2017

The AWI drilling test: Jan, Steffen, Bent and Ina in action.

A turn for the better

During the weekend we got good news from the deep drilling operation. The inclination in the bore hole is now decreasing as we drill deeper. Hence the ability to control the direction of the spring attached near the drill head has performed as intended: Turning the bore hole gradually towards vertical again. This is indeed a step forward in our drilling technology, thanks to the drill, electronics and software improvements implemented during past months. Our lead drill engineer, Steffen, eloquently put this accomplishment into its proper historical context during our excellent Saturday dinner prepared by Abby, Andrew, and Vasileios.

Sunday morning Gonzalo and Mayu had prepared a delicious brunch for us, and Gonzalo proceeded to hand out prizes to kitchen assistants – everybody got a prize, as all had performed poorly to some extend! Again, the Sunday was finished with Gonzalo’s Pizza to order, so we are truly getting spoiled here.

On the surface, radar measurements continued, and the AWI drill system was tested out for production drilling. Furthermore, the normal surface measurement program was carried out and an auger core commenced SW of camp. In the science trench physical properties measurements continued as planned.

What we did today:

  1. Servicing and repairing catarpiller.
  2. Deep drilling core length at 19.00 Sunday: 10.34 m.
  3. Logging depth at 19.00 Sunday: 606.13 m.
  4. Logging the bore hole, inclination is now declining.
  5. Water vapour, methane, aerosols, snow and boundary layer measurements
  6. Physical properties measurements.
  7. Radar measurements near camp.
  8. Drilling Auger core A2-17 650m SW of drill trench, current depth 12.2 m.
  9. Drilling with AWI-system: 15.7 m to 28.15 m.

Weather: Sunny weekend until Sunday afternoon, then foggy with some light snow. Wind turned from SW to NW during the weekend, up to 7 m/s. Temperature between -19°C and -8°C.

FL, Bo Vinther

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