3 May 2017
Wednesday 3rd of May 2017

Drillers after performing pull test: From left to right, Steffen, Dennis, Trevor, Grant and Kenji.

Spring has arrived.

As forecasted, temperatures really increased today to a high of -8°C. Associated with this increase in temperature, high winds of up to 36 kt were forecasted. As winds above 30 kt give rise to heavy snow drift, we decided to clean up camp for any materiel left on the snow. Everything was collected, stoved and marked. Lucky for us, the wind never went above 28 kt; but “luck” normally follows the well prepared.

All our fresh food supplies were finally moved to a temperature controlled weatherport, and this gave space in the main dome and in sleeping quarters. Although there were strong winds today, the high temperatures made it feel like a balmy breeze. It still amazes me, how quickly one can adapt to the cold.

What we did today:

  1. Installing heating in cooks fresh food weatherport (“the freshie shack”), and moving non freeze food into it.
  2. Rigging the entire camp for forecasted high winds.
  3. Work in the drilling trench. Performing pull test.
  4. Pulling the satellite disk into position.
  5. Cleaning in the main dome.
  6. Water vapour sampling site under construction.
  7. Snow sampling was cut short due to high winds.

Ad.3: Drillers report:

  1. Cable termination to deep drill anti-torque section.
  2. Pull tested cable termination to 17,000 N.
  3. Worked on plumbing for drill fluid reservoir.
  4. Moved all drill cargo from surface to drill trench.
  5. Installed windows into drill operators cabin (Christian, Kenji and Grant).
  6. Made table for drill operators cabin.

Weather today: Clear all day, with periods of very thin overcast, moderate to strong wind. Temp. -8°C to -26°C. Wind: 12 kt to 26 kt from SSW. Visibility: To horizon. Snow drift.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

Snow melters

Snow melters: Around the dome there is supporting infrastructure. Just left of center is our new cooks snow melter, “Ingvald, the sausage cooker”, on the right side is our stainless steel main snow melter (a converted milk tank) and behind it, our main generator hut.

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