27 April 2017

Day two at EGRIP, with a twist of a blizzard.

Thursday 27th of April 2017

EGRIP this morning.

Although we have to build several weatherports to have room for all people, including the people arriving on Sunday, we cannot build the weatherports in strong wind. Based on the forecast, it was decided to postpone weatherport construction and work in-door or underground. In the afternoon, weather improved and we could groom the skiway. During  the day, hundreds of snow blocks were hauled up from the trenches.

Inside the main dome is a mess. With 10 people sleeping in and no conveniences, such as running water and storage for food etc., the kitchen is quite cluttered. Nevertheless, our cook manages to cook nice meals, and we are grateful. It is now nice and warm inside the main dome, and this helps on morale.

What we did today:

  1. Overhaul on main generator. Work is progressing nicely with no concerns so far.
  2. Cutting snow blocks from side of roof in drill trench and entrance to core extraction tunnel. We still need to trim the height of the access ramp, the doorway to the other tunnel and the stairwell.
  3. Groomed skiway, taxiways and apron.
  4. Organizing medical supplies and making systematic documentation.
  5. Temperature in main dome above freezing, heated inpart by a Webasto system and the cooks stove. By evening +16 °C in the kitchen.
  6. Second Pistenbully now running. There are issues with the blade controls. The Caterpillar is running.
  7. Hotline for snowmobiles is established.
  8. Working on electrical wiring, and working out a list of spares needed.
  9. Setting up the satellite communication system.

Weather today: In the morning overcast and blowing snow. Wind easing in the afternoon with some sunshine. Temp. -12 °C to -20 °C. Wind: 30 kt – to 6 kt from S turing to SW. Visibility: 500 m, later to horizon.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

Bruno working in the drill trench.


At the junction of three tunnels. The tunnels will be trimmed to normal size.


The main generator house in blowing snow.


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