29 June 2018
 Friday 29th of June 2018

Skier 51 resupplying EGRIP camp.

New crew in camp

Today we received Skier 51 bringing a new crew of 18 scientist and scientific cargo. We also said goodbye to 30 crew members and visitors – including the ice musicians who gave us all such a splendid experience here at EGRIP yesterday. The incoming people have spend the day getting settled here in camp and sorting through cargo with the assistance of the 15 people staying in camp. In the drill trench the new drillers where quickly put to work doing filter runs and some 80kg of chips were recovered. Filtering will likely continue during the Weekend. Otherwise most other activities were put on hold early in the day, so we could perform the flight handling operation smoothly. At the RADIX site, drilling preparation, did, however, continue past midnight without interruption.

 What we did today: 

  1. Filter runs retrieving 80kg of chips from the main bore hole.
  2. Receiving Skier 51 with 18 pax arriving and 30 pax departing.
  3. Handling and sorting cargo from Skier 51.
  4. Measurements in isotope laboratory, final depth: 773.41 m.
  5. Measurements in physical properties laboratory, final depth: 1174.80m.
  6. Water vapour sampling and measuring.
  7. Preparing for drilling at RADIX site.

Weather: Clear blue sky most of the day. Clouds in the evening.
Temperature -18 ºC to -6 ºC. Wind 3-8 kt gradually changing from SSW to WSW.


FL, Bo Vinther

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