27 April 2018
 Tuesday 2nd of April 2017

Bruno is wondering where the window went. The patched window opening.

EastGRIP camp 2018 is now open!

The first team of 9 field participants arrived at EastGRIP at 15.20 local time. Temperature was -33°C and the wind was 11 knots, so it felt quite chilly. A little digging was required to get the plane unstuck from parking, but at 16.10 it departed in first attempt using half skiway and no rockets. In the meantime, camp crew had gained access to the main dome and carpenters garage. In the main dome, we discovered that the window on the 2.floor close to the printers had blown straight off the hinges. The window pane itself was found intact on the snow close to the dome. Some snow had drifted in and this was removed before we started heating the dome. The empty window opening was patched with plywood. At 16.40 we had electrical power provided by our 35 kW backup generator. After an evening meal, work continued into the evening. I am sure, everybody had a nice sleep although temperature inside still was well below freezing. Camp population is now 9: Sarah, Sverrir,  Hans Cristian, Sepp, Bruno, Jens Christian, Karl Emil, Basile and J.P.


What we did today:

  1. 9 people arrived at EGRIP at 15.20 with Skier20 (tail 90)
  2. Outhouse ready.
  3. Opened main dome. One window blown off the hinges. Window pane intact. Will be mounted later. Window opening patched.
  4. Opened Carpenters garage and white storage tent.
  5. We have one snowblower, 2 snowmobiles and one Pistenbully running.
  6. Started backup generator at 16.40. Back-up generator is now powering camp.
  7. Tomato sled pulled into camp.
  8. Activated old cooks snowmelter for drinking water.

Ad.6: The main generator will not be started right away. A lot of snow drift will have to be removed before a good parking spot for the main generator is available.

Friday weather: Blue skies with haze. Temp. -33°C to -40°C.  Wind: 11 kt – to 14 kt from SW. Visibility: to horizon. Slight haze and drifting snow.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

Friday 27th of April 2018

Sarah in the water making industry. Full steam ahead in a -25C kitchen.


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