22 August 2017
Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd of August 2017

Goodbye from EGRIP.

Close down of EGRIP 2017

Being well prepared most of the day was spent waiting for the Skier to arrive. The Skier was delayed due to maintenance and was delayed until Wednesday morning. When it finally came, camp became busy again dragging the last pallet with drill liquid to the cargo line and closing all tents and the Dome before walking out to the pull-out Skier.

What we did today: 

  1. Waited.
  2. Closed (opened, closed) down the kitchen.
  3. Moved (replaced, moved) the tomatoes to the last winterhill.
  4. Built pallet with none freeze medicine and personal bags.
  5. Closed all tents and Dome for the winter.

Weather: Tuesday: low clouds in the morning clearing in the afternoon. Wind from 0 to 7 m/s from S to SW. Temperatures between -18 °C and -10 °C.
Wednesday morning, scattered clouds, wind 5 m/s from SW, temperatures between -19 °C and -14 °C.

EGRIP is closed and this is the last daily report.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

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