4 August 2017
Friday 4th of August 2017

Martin measuring a bamboo-reference pole in front of the bamboo forest.

A busy day

We woke up to a good and mostly sunny day again. All outdoors activities have started again – GPS measurements downstream NEGIS, shallow drilling and cleaning the surface. As an extra activity a team with chainsaw and spades chopped the staircase in the trenches free from the snow on the sides. Emma and Martin had a busy day measuring snow around the stakes and the bamboo forest.

What we did today:

  1. Deep drilling core length at 19.00: 11.65 m.
  2. Drillers depth at 19.00: 825.25 m.
  3. Shallow drilling S3 ice core: length 24.17 m, depth 93.86 m.
  4. Water vapour, methane, aerosols, snow and boundary layer measurements.
  5. Physical properties measurements.
  6. Water isotope sampling for sublimation studies.
  7. GPS measurements downstream NEGIS.
  8. Removing snow around the staircase so there is a 30 cm clearance from the frame to the snow.
  9. Cleaning, tidying and documenting in the carpenters garage.

Weather: Sunny with periods of overcast with snow showers, wind 1-6 m/s  from N turning W, temperatures -16 °C to -11 °C.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

Emma and Martin walking out to measure in the clean snow area

Johannes removing snow around the staircase in the trenches.


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