15 June 2017
Thursday 15th of June 2017

The firn gas sampling site with EGRIP main camp in the background to the right

Firn gas sampling program started

There has been good progress at all four drilling locations as well as for the surface program. At the firn gas site the first samples were taken from the bore hole at 6 m depth. In the coming days gas samples will be taken at specific depths throughout the firn column to study the enclosure of air bubbles in the ice. The program will terminate at around 70 m depth, where the bubbles will be completely sealed off from the atmosphere. The science trench had a record processing of 33 m ice core, whereas the isotope lab was struggling with some technical issues. At the Swiss site the drilling of the pilot hole progressed to 62 m depth, and at the German site the test drilling continued. The steering of one of the two Pistenbullys had a major overhaul making it ready for starting preparing the skiway in the coming days.

What we did today:

  1. Deep drilling core length: 17.80 m
  2. Logging depth: 388.59 m
  3. Processing depth: 340.45 m
  4. Water isotopes depth: 245.30 m
  5. Drilled to 6 m depth at the firn gas site. Sample taken.
  6. Drilled to 62 m depth at the second pilot hole for Swiss RADIX casing using Swiss drill
  7. Continued test drilling with the German intermediate drill
  8. Water vapour, methane, aerosols, snow and boundary layer measurements
  9. Adjustment of the steering of one Pistenbully

Weather: Overcast in the morning and clearing up in the afternoon. Good outdoor working conditions. Temp. -7 °C to -17 °C. Wind 6-14 kt from W.

FL, Anders Svensson

A beautiful piece of equipment: the Swiss muffler

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