5 May 2017
 Friday 5th of May 2017

In the last couple of days, Bruno has spent considerable time working on the electrical system in the drill trench.

The mild and windy weather continues – and we got a visit.

It looks like our isolation is soon broken. Today, Jens Christian managed to setup the satellite disk so that it indeed receives a good signal. We have laid out cables in the snow from the satellite disk to the main dome. From now on, Jens Christian can work inside the main dome to setup our communications system.

Meanwile, work continues in the drill trench and still snowblocks are hauled up from the trenches. This time though from the science trench. The ramp tunnel was finished yesterday, and now we are again able to walk into the trenches without bending over. That our isolation is not complete was also demonstrated by the Royal Danish Air Force. They flew over camp at low altitude several times and asked what we were doing here. We introduced ourselves, and we had a nice chat with them before they headed back to Kangerlussuaq.

What we did today:

  1. Removing some snow from science trench and door way to science trench.
  2. Repairing snowblower.
  3. Work in the drilling trench.
  4. Work on the satellite disk.
  5. Finished arranging food in food storage tent.
  6. Water vapour isotope Picarro running.
  7. Rebuilding of sewage system under dome completed.
  8. Snow sampling.

Ad.3: Drillers report:

  1. Tower linear motors connected; tower made it to vertical position without problem.
  2. Continued work on chip and fluid recovery system.
  3. Continued work on drill operators cabin (power + lights + inverter for linear motor).

Ad.4: We now receive a satellite signal at good power. Consequently, we have laid cable from the main dome to the disk. We now need to configure the connection.

Weather today: Clear all day, with periods of overcast, moderate to strong wind. Temp. -8° C to -12° C. Wind: 15 kt to 25 kt from SW. Visibility: To horizon. Slight snow drift.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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